Alaska Display and Retail Supply, Inc.


ACRYLIC COUNTER TOP: Brochure/Literature Holders, Sign Holders
ACRYLIC DISPLAYS: Ballot Box, Locking/Non-Locking Display Cases & Stackable Bins
ACRYLIC DISPLAY HOLDERS: Cell Phone Stands, Easels, Pedestals, Risers
ACRYLIC SPECIALITY DISPLAYS: Box Cases/Cubes, Glass Domes, Light Boxes, & More
ACRYLIC: Unique, Festive/Ornament Displays, Etc.
ACRYLIC WALLMOUNTS: Shelving, Brochures or Literature Holders/Sign Holders
APPAREL & GARMENT SUPPLIES: Hangers, Sizers, Pricing Guns, Additional Supplies
GRIDWALL: Brackets & Hooks
GRIDWALL: Panels, Bases & Connectors
HARDWARE: Wall Unit Shelving; Metal Island and More
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Acrylic Style, Earring, Necklace, Rotating Displays, Mirrors & Additional Items
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Black Velvet or White Leatherette
JEWELRY SUPPLIES: Jewelry Boxes, Speciality Bags, Tags & More
MANNEQUINS AND BODY FORMS: Female, Male & Children Styles
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS I: Paper & Plastic Bags, Hang-Tabs, Shopping Basket Supplies, Garment, String & Speciality Tags, Cardboard Suggestion-Ballot Box, Tissue Paper
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS II: Banners, Business Signs, Message & Specialty Card Signs
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS III: Sign Hanging Hardware, Shelf Sign Holders, Ticket Holders, Clips & Grippers
PROMOTIONAL DISPLAYS: Floor Easels, Brochure, Banner Stands
SHOWCASES: Assembled Display Units
SHOWCASES: Knockdown Counters, Register Stands, Towers, Gondolas, Tables
SLATWALL: Acrylic Shelving, Brochure or Literature Holders, Sign Holders
SLATWALL: Brackets
SLATWALL: Panels, Groove Inserts, Edge Finishers
SPECIAL ORDER: Showcase Displays
TEMPERED GLASS: Shelving, Cube Displays & Supplies
WIRE BASKETS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE EASELS: Display Stands, Sign Holders
WIRE HOOKS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE SHELVING: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard

Alaska Display stocks a wide variety of retail displays for medical marijuana and recreational retail cannabis stores.  Visit our showroom to view the selection of showcases, sales counters, wall cases, register stands--ready to assemble or preassembled--plus all the containers, signs, merchandise bags, zip lock bags, security mirrors, merchandise sign cards, slatwall, gridwall and metal shelving to set up your shop.  We will be adding more items to this new category as this new industry blossoms in Alaska.

Ready To Assemble Jewelry Case
70" l x 18" d x 38" h
#2800116 Maple
#2800116 Cherry
#2802116 Black
$575.00 unassembled
$55.00 assembly fee 

Ready To Assemble Flat Top Sales Counter 
Basic counter to hold a register and credit card machine; 
shelves in back for merchandise bags, tissue and supplies.
Two sizes: 48" l x 20" d x 38" h or 70" l x 30" d x 38" h
#28002414  4' Maple
#28004414  4' Black
#28005414  4' Cherry
#28003434  4' White
$495.00 unassembled
Assembly fee $55.00
#28000414  6' Maple
#28002413  6' Black
#28006414  6' Cherry
#28000413  6' White
$550.00 unassembled
Assembly fee $55.00
More styles under knockdown displays

Slatwall Panels For Your Walls

Use every inch of space to maximize your profits by using slatwall to merchandise bagged items or display on shelves on the wall.  Available in 4' x 8' sheets, the panels are easily screwed to the studs in your walls and are available in a variety of colors to match your decor.  Grooves are 3" on center and run horizontally. The most popular colors are listed below; see our slatwall page for more color and accessory choices.

#3600001 Paint Ready
#3600013 Brushed Aluminum                   
#3600008 Black Liquid Melamine                 
#3600006 Maple Liquid Melamine                

Browse the slatwall brackets and wire hooks and shelving sections for accessories.



Ready To Assemble Full Vision Showcase
Includes two adjustable glass shelves; 8" d and 10" d;
sliding panel doors in back.
Two sizes: 48"l x 18" d x 38" h or 70" l x 18" d x 38" h.
#2800014  4' Maple
#2800024  4' Black
#2800034  4' Cherry
#2800004  4' White
$525.00 unassembled
Assembly fee $55.00

#2800016  6' Maple
#2800026  6' Black
#2800036  6' Cherry
#2800006  6' White
$575.00 unassembled
Assembly fee $55.00

Ready To Assemble Cash Register Stand
22"w x 18" d x 38" h
#280005143  Maple
#28000514    Black
#280005144  Cherry
#28000513    White
$275.00 unassembled
Assembly fee $55.00

Ready to Assemble Locking Glass Tower Showcase
Secure your most expensive products in this attractive case.
70" h x 14.5" d x 16.82" w with three glass shelves, spotlight and lock.
#2800100 Black $625.00 unassembled
#2800101 Birch  $625.00 unassembled
Assembly fee $60.00



Display Products

Black Plastic Jewelry Display Tray       

Black Velvet Insert for Above Tray 

Acrylic Countertop Display Case

Tempered Glass Countertop Jewelry Case 

Aluminum Framed Countertop Display Showcase

Bong Display Stands, Risers and Easels        


Point of Sale Products

Clear Acrylic 3 Gram Pot Jars

Holiday Green 20" x 30" Wrapping Tissue 480 Sheets per package  #4505                               

Pure White 20" x 30" Wrapping Tissue 480 Sheets per package       #4502                                

Recycled Kraft and White Paper Shopping Bags with handles                                                   

Pricing Guns and Labels

Round 3/4" Neon Green Price Stickers                                                                   

Acrylic Business Card Holders
Acrylic 8.5" x 11" Sign Holders

Zip Top Bags

Merchandise Bags-Paper and Plastic                                                                         





Store Supplies

Cannabis Leaf LED Open Sign  
Open/Closed Signs                               
LED Animated Open Sign                       
Retail Opening Hours Sign
Outdoor A Frame Sidewalk Signs                      
Outdoor Open Signs
Grand Opening Signs for Buildings                            
Shoplifters Policy Sign Card White Vinyl with Red Text 4" x 9"                   
Right to Refuse Service Policy Sign Card White Vinyl with Red Text 4" x 9" 
Security Mirrors                                      
Dummy Security Cameras                                                                          
Showcase Locks                            
Zip Lock Bags                      
Green Merchandise Tags--Unstrung-- 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" 50 Ct.