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Apparel & Garment: Racks and Displays Units

ACRYLIC COUNTER TOP: Brochure/Literature Holders, Sign Holders
ACRYLIC DISPLAY HOLDERS: Cell Phone Stands, Easels, Pedestals, Risers
ACRYLIC WALLMOUNTS: Shelving, Brochures or Literature Holders/Sign Holders
APPAREL & GARMENT SUPPLIES: Hangers, Sizers, Pricing Guns, Additional Supplies
GRIDWALL: Brackets & Hooks
GRIDWALL: Panels, Bases & Connectors
METAL HARDWARE SHELVING: Multifunction wall or island gondola units
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Black Velvet or White Leatherette
JEWELRY SUPPLIES: Jewelry Boxes, Speciality Bags, Tags & More
MANNEQUINS AND BODY FORMS: Female, Male & Children Styles
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS I: Paper & Plastic Bags, Hang-Tabs, Shopping Basket Supplies, Garment, String & Speciality Tags, Cardboard Suggestion-Ballot Box, Tissue Paper
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS II: Banners, Business Signs, Message & Specialty Card Signs
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS III: Sign Hanging Hardware, Shelf Sign Holders, Ticket Holders, Clips & Grippers
SHOWCASES: Knockdown Counters, Register Stands, Towers, Gondolas, Tables
SLATWALL: Shelving, Brochure or Literature Holders, Sign Holders, Colorful Bins and Boxes
SLATWALL: Brackets
SLATWALL: Panels, Groove Inserts, Edge Finishers
TEMPERED GLASS: Shelving, Cube Displays & Supplies
WIRE BASKETS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE EASELS: Display Stands, Sign Holders
WIRE HOOKS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE SHELVING: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard

Alaska Display offers a variety of apparel and garment racks. See our other pages for hangers, garment bags and other items for apparel. 

Double Bar Clothing Racks. Preowned, gently used, sturdy.
Dark Gray Base with Chrome Top Rails
22" D x 59" L x 50" to 74" High (Adjustable Height) 
$49.95 each
Visit our store for unique used clothing racks!
The selection varies daily. 



Collapsible Sales Rack
Very sturdy and popular; folds up when not in use.
Round chrome tubing with extendable ends,
uprights adjust for clothing height, 
casters, storage clamp for top bar. 
48" w x 65" h .
#3100100001 $139.95
Economy Collapsible Sales Rack
#310060209 $114.95 

Double Bar Sales Rack
Chrome finish. One inch round tubing. Adjustable height: 55", 60" and 65", 4" ball bearing casters.  Includes clips for hangrail storage and protective rubber bumpers.
$239.95 each unit

Garment Z-Rack - Heavy Duty
Safety yellow base and includes four 4" solid rubber casters.
Dimensions: 63" L x 24" W
500 lb. load capacity

Add on Rail for Z Rack
#3100022 $36.95 each 

Country French Clothing Rack

Grey steel curved one bar rack with curlique legs, perfect for high end items.  Swoops down a bit from left to right.

4'3" w x 4'11"h

#300 $149.00 each


Country French Clothing Rack 

Grey steel boutique rack with filigree curved top and fancy legs.

#300 $169.00 each

Double Bar Rack
Chrome finish
60" l x 22" w
#3100040  $199.95

Double Bar Rack Basket Topper
Make more money per square foot by stocking 
merchandise above your rack!
#3100041  $119.95
Double Bar Spanner Rail
Span the space between two double bar racks
with an additional hanging rail. Chrome finish,
60" long, hooks over other rack end knobs
#3100001  $22.95 each
Double Bar Hangrail
Clamps below double bar top rail to add
more hanging space to one side of rack; great
for children's clothes or short items.
#3100002  $23.95 each 


Spiral 29-Ball Costumer
Chrome finish
18" diameter; 67" height

Round Folding Rack
Adjustable height
Chrome finish

36" Diameter
with 1.25" round handrail
#3100050  $189.95

42" Diameter
with 1.25" round handrail
#3100051  $219.95

Rounder Rack Add A Ring Kit
Finish: Chrome
Comes with a set of four clamps 
#3100060 36" Diameter $69.95 each
#3100061 42" Diameter $79.95 each

Round Rack Topper for Round Racks
Dimensions:   2" d x 30" diameter with attachment hardware
#3100042  $99.95 each

Glass Topper for Rounder Racks
Add a glass shelf to the top of your racks for body forms, signs, displays, or decorative items to draw attention. 
See our glass page for two sizes of tempered glass to fit your rounders

Two-way Square Arm Rack - Slant Arm
Chrome finish
Waterfall arms, adjustable height
Slant Replacement Arm for Waterfall Rack
Chrome finish
#3110015  $19.95 each 

Four-Way Square Arm Rack - Slant Arms
Chrome finish
Square-arm tubing, waterfall arms
Adjustable height
Slant Replacement Arm for Waterfall Rack
Chrome finish
#3110015  $19.95 each 
Four-Way Square Arm Rack - Straight Arms
Chrome Finish
Square-arm tubing; straight arms
Adjustable height

Black Beauty Clothing Rack

Economy Black Beauty Rack
60" w x 64" h
Color: Black and Chrome
Good garment rack for promotional sales, or where an economical sales rack is needed.
$69.95 each

Circular Belt Rack
May be used for ties or belts
Chrome finish
54" h with 20-4" long hooks

Revolving Floor Hat Displayer
Chrome Finish
Holds 20 hats with foam pads
15" base, 66" high
#3101820 $269.95

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