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Gridwall: Panels, Bases, & Additional Supplies

ACRYLIC COUNTER TOP: Brochure/Literature Holders, Sign Holders
ACRYLIC DISPLAYS: Ballot Box, Locking/Non-Locking Display Cases & Stackable Bins
ACRYLIC DISPLAY HOLDERS: Cell Phone Stands, Easels, Pedestals, Risers
ACRYLIC SPECIALITY DISPLAYS: Box Cases/Cubes, Glass Domes, Light Boxes, & More
ACRYLIC: Unique, Festive/Ornament Displays, Etc.
ACRYLIC WALLMOUNTS: Shelving, Brochures or Literature Holders/Sign Holders
APPAREL & GARMENT SUPPLIES: Hangers, Sizers, Pricing Guns, Additional Supplies
GRIDWALL: Brackets & Hooks
GRIDWALL: Panels, Bases & Connectors
HARDWARE: Wall Unit Shelving; Metal Island and More
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Acrylic Style, Earring, Necklace, Rotating Displays, Mirrors & Additional Items
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Black Velvet or White Leatherette
JEWELRY SUPPLIES: Jewelry Boxes, Speciality Bags, Tags & More
MANNEQUINS AND BODY FORMS: Female, Male & Children Styles
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS I: Paper & Plastic Bags, Hang-Tabs, Shopping Basket Supplies, Garment, String & Speciality Tags, Cardboard Suggestion-Ballot Box, Tissue Paper
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS II: Banners, Business Signs, Message & Specialty Card Signs
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS III: Sign Hanging Hardware, Shelf Sign Holders, Ticket Holders, Clips & Grippers
PROMOTIONAL DISPLAYS: Floor Easels, Brochure, Banner Stands
SHOWCASES: Assembled Display Units
SHOWCASES: Knockdown Counters, Register Stands, Towers, Gondolas, Tables
SLATWALL: Acrylic Shelving, Brochure or Literature Holders, Sign Holders
SLATWALL: Brackets
SLATWALL: Panels, Groove Inserts, Edge Finishers
SPECIAL ORDER: Showcase Displays
TEMPERED GLASS: Shelving, Cube Displays & Supplies
WIRE BASKETS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE DUMP BINS: Square or Round Styles
WIRE EASELS: Display Stands, Sign Holders
WIRE HOOKS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE SHELVING: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard

This versatile product provides easy assembly and dismantle; lightweight, it is great for artwork or merchandising at fairs, markets or even a garage sale.  Hang it on a wall, stand it on the floor or add wheeled bases to customize your brand.  We carry all the product display hooks, brackets and accessories to fit the standard two foot wide gridwall.  Great for seasonal displays that can be stored flat between holidays. Alaska Display also rents 2' x 7' gridwall in chrome for your special events. 

Gridwall Triangle Base with Casters:
Note: Shown with a panel example and panels are sold separately.
Available in:
#3531019     Chrome
#3532019     White
#3533019     Black
$60.45 each base

Panels - Sizes Available:
1' x 5'       
#3403115 - Chrome
#3403215 - White
#3403315 - Black
$23.05 each
2' x 4'  
#3411024 - Chrome
#3412024 - White
#3413024 - Black
$32.95 each
2' x 5'  
#3411025 - Chrome
#3412025 - White;
#3413025 - Black
$34.95 each
2' x 6'       
#3411026 - Chrome
#3412026 - White
#3413026 - Black
$38.75 each
2' x 7'       
#3411027  Chrome
#3412027 White
#3413027 Black
$43.50 each
2' x 8'       
#3411028  Chrome
#3412028 White
#3413028 Black
$49.95 each

Gridwall:  4-Way Pinwheel Base with Casters
Note: Shown with a panel example and panels are sold separately.
Available in:
#3505114     Chrome
#3505124     White
#3505134     Black
$65.95 each base

"L" Shaped Legs to Fit Panels
Note:  Legs come in pairs (set of two).
Available in:
#3500001     Chrome     
#3500003     White        
#3500002     Black
$24.15 per pair        

Four-way Plastic Connector 
Connector is used to secure epoxy coated panels which combine to form modular cube displays.
#3500331 - Black
#3500311 - Chrome
$ .61 each

Gridwall: Gondola Style Base without Casters
Note: Shown with a panel example and panels are sold separately.
Available in:
#3503148     Chrome
#3503248     White
#3503348     Black
$71.45 each base

"T" Shape Legs to Fit Panels
Note: Legs come in pairs (set of two)
Available in: 
#3503124     Chrome
#3503224     White
#3503324     Black
$26.35 Pair

Connectors with Screw
Available in:
#3500311     Chrome
#3500321     White
#3500331     Black
$0.61 each

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