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Acrylic Special Displays; : Box Cases/Cubes, Glass Domes, Light Box, Jewelry Cleaners, Ornaments

ACRYLIC COUNTER TOP: Brochure/Literature Holders, Sign Holders
ACRYLIC DISPLAYS: Ballot Box, Locking/Non-Locking Display Cases & Stackable Bins
ACRYLIC DISPLAY HOLDERS: Cell Phone Stands, Easels, Pedestals, Risers
ACRYLIC SPECIALITY DISPLAYS: Box Cases/Cubes, Glass Domes, Light Boxes, & More
ACRYLIC: Unique, Festive/Ornament Displays, Etc.
ACRYLIC WALLMOUNTS: Shelving, Brochures or Literature Holders/Sign Holders
APPAREL & GARMENT SUPPLIES: Hangers, Sizers, Pricing Guns, Additional Supplies
GRIDWALL: Brackets & Hooks
GRIDWALL: Panels, Bases & Connectors
HARDWARE: Wall Unit Shelving; Metal Island and More
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Acrylic Style, Earring, Necklace, Rotating Displays, Mirrors & Additional Items
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Black Velvet or White Leatherette
JEWELRY SUPPLIES: Jewelry Boxes, Speciality Bags, Tags & More
MANNEQUINS AND BODY FORMS: Female, Male & Children Styles
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS I: Paper & Plastic Bags, Hang-Tabs, Shopping Basket Supplies, Garment, String & Speciality Tags, Cardboard Suggestion-Ballot Box, Tissue Paper
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS II: Banners, Business Signs, Message & Specialty Card Signs
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS III: Sign Hanging Hardware, Shelf Sign Holders, Ticket Holders, Clips & Grippers
PROMOTIONAL DISPLAYS: Floor Easels, Brochure, Banner Stands
SHOWCASES: Assembled Display Units
SHOWCASES: Knockdown Counters, Register Stands, Towers, Gondolas, Tables
SLATWALL: Acrylic Shelving, Brochure or Literature Holders, Sign Holders
SLATWALL: Brackets
SLATWALL: Panels, Groove Inserts, Edge Finishers
SPECIAL ORDER: Showcase Displays
TEMPERED GLASS: Shelving, Cube Displays & Supplies
WIRE BASKETS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE EASELS: Display Stands, Sign Holders
WIRE HOOKS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE SHELVING: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard

A variety of displays for specialty items are available at Alaska Display. Browse our selection of display domes for special keepsakes, (dolls, porcelain figurines, sports items, etc.); acrylic box cases - optional with or without a walnut wood base; light boxes for accenting jewelry or gem stones. Supplies for cleaning or removing scratches from acrylics. Visit our showroom to view our entire line of merchandise.

Thimble Glass Dome with Walnut Base
Three 3.5" - diameter shelves fit inside the glass dome to display 21 thimbles.  Half-inch "bumps" hold thimbles in place.
Note: Above example shown without 'bumps'.
7.5" h x 4" diameter base
$24.95 each

Acrylic Cleaner-Polish
This cleaner is formulated to clean acrylic or other hard plastic surfaces without scratching, hazing or harming the plastic surface. It is also anti-static to resist fingerprints and dust.
Available in 8 oz bottle
$6.95 each

Acrylic Cleaner - Novus 2
"Fine Scratch Remover" This paste can help remove fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from most acrylics and plastics.
Available in 8 oz. bottle
$9.95 each


Acrylic Cleaner - Novus 3
"Heavy Scratch Remover"
Removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic and plastic materials such as polycarbonate - a tough plastic material.  This paste does require the use of Novis #2 for a final finish.
Available in 8 oz bottle
$12.75 each

Deluxe 3-Peg Display
3.25" h x 10" w x 7" d
Create a designer piece from a geode, cluster, or sphere with elegant display bases with pegs. This display belveled clear acrylic.
$30.75 each

Rotating Peg Stand
2.75" h x 6" diameter
The pegs are 4.25" apart.
For an all-around viewing or cluster for use in displaying mineral, shell or fossils. All three pegs are slanted in order to hold the item in place; one peg is shorter for angle viewing. 
$22.95 each

Glass Domes with Hardwood Bases
This attractive glass dome complete with a walnut wood base will protect the special collections from dust or debris. These come as a unit display.
7.5" h x 4" diameter
$20.95 each
12" h x 8" diameter
$62.75 each
10" h x 5" diameter
$28.95 each

Mirrored Cube
This acrylic cube is mirrored on five sides and creates an interesting reflection for counter or window displays.
4" h x 4" w x 4" d
$22.95 each

Revolving Top Electric Turntable
This compact turntable is slightly textured black plastic and the top is a smooth black acrylic.  The top revolves at 4 RPMs and holds up to 8 pounds.  This unit is fully assembled with a 6-foot cord and in-line switch.
4" square; 2.25" high 
$39.95 each

Small Light Box - 4" Square
Note: The first light box is the one we have in stock and sell. 
This small light box has a slightly textured plastic surface and comes pre-assembled with a 6-foot cord with in-line switch - 7 watt bulb.
$15.95 each

Lighted Ring Display
To create a truly unique ring display, accent it with light! The translucent frosted display on the top of the light box will highlight any ring display.  For a dramatic look add loose gem stones and scatter around the rings. The light box is electric and comes with a 6-foot cord, in-line switch and 7-watt bulb.
3 1/8" h x 4" w x 4" d
$19.75 each

Gem Box Tray
For showcase or counter-top display; the acrylic trays present the round gem boxes at a 30° angle.
Each size shown will hold 12 gem boxes.
Dimensions:  (Approximately)
3 1/8" h x 7 3/8" w x 5.25" d; for 1.25" diameter gem boxes
$13.95 each
Dimensions: (Approximately)
3.25" h x 8.5" w x 7" d; for 1.5" diameter gem boxes
$15.95 each

Round Acrylic Gem Jar
Boxes are filled with white felt-top topped sponge.
1/2" h x 1" diameter
$ .80 each
1.5" h x 1.25" diameter
$ .85 each
1/2" h x 1.5" diameter
$ .95 each

Box Case with Hardwood Base
A 5-sided acrylic box with bevel-cut edges and a solid walnut base.
4.5" h x 4" w x 4" d
$24.95 each
Deluxe Box Case with Hardwood Base
18" h x 12" x 12" d
$112.95 each

Square Box Case without Base Unit
A 5-sided box with bevel-cut edges.
12" h x 12" w x 12" d
$70.25 each
18" h x 12" w x 12" d
$98.95 each

Square Walnut Wood Base with Coved Edge
3/4" h x 4" w x 4" d
$6.85 each
3/4" h x 6" w x 6" d
$12.95 each
3/4" h x 12" w x 12" d
$39.75 each

Wooden Lighted Base
1.75" h x 4" w x 4" d
The center light hole is 1.25" diameter
$19.95 each

Gold Plated Calipers
The sleek design of the gold plated calipers gives them an elegant look. 
Dimensions:  Small (4")
3 3/8" h x 1/4" x 1.25" Caliper Opening Maximum
$26.95 each
Dimensions: Medium (6")
1" x 3.75" Caliper Opening Maximum
$31.95 each
Dimensions:  Large (8")
8" x 2 5/8" x 5.25" Caliper Opening Maximum
$46.95 each

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