Alaska Display and Retail Supply, Inc.

Promotional Displays: Feather Flags, Easels, Banners

ACRYLIC COUNTER TOP: Brochure/Literature Holders, Sign Holders
ACRYLIC DISPLAYS: Ballot Box, Locking/Non-Locking Display Cases & Stackable Bins
ACRYLIC DISPLAY HOLDERS: Cell Phone Stands, Easels, Pedestals, Risers
ACRYLIC SPECIALITY DISPLAYS: Box Cases/Cubes, Glass Domes, Light Boxes, & More
ACRYLIC: Unique, Festive/Ornament Displays, Etc.
ACRYLIC WALLMOUNTS: Shelving, Brochures or Literature Holders/Sign Holders
APPAREL & GARMENT SUPPLIES: Hangers, Sizers, Pricing Guns, Additional Supplies
GRIDWALL: Brackets & Hooks
GRIDWALL: Panels, Bases & Connectors
METAL HARDWARE SHELVING: Multifunction wall or island gondola units
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Acrylic Style, Earring, Necklace, Rotating Displays, Mirrors & Additional Items
JEWELRY DISPLAYS: Black Velvet or White Leatherette
JEWELRY SUPPLIES: Jewelry Boxes, Speciality Bags, Tags & More
MANNEQUINS AND BODY FORMS: Female, Male & Children Styles
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS I: Paper & Plastic Bags, Hang-Tabs, Shopping Basket Supplies, Garment, String & Speciality Tags, Cardboard Suggestion-Ballot Box, Tissue Paper
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS II: Banners, Business Signs, Message & Specialty Card Signs
MERCHANDISE PRODUCTS III: Sign Hanging Hardware, Shelf Sign Holders, Ticket Holders, Clips & Grippers
PROMOTIONAL DISPLAYS: Floor Easels, Brochure, Banner Stands
SHOWCASES: Assembled Display Units
SHOWCASES: Knockdown Counters, Register Stands, Towers, Gondolas, Tables
SLATWALL: Acrylic Shelving, Brochure or Literature Holders, Sign Holders
SLATWALL: Brackets
SLATWALL: Panels, Groove Inserts, Edge Finishers
SPECIAL ORDER: Showcase Displays
TEMPERED GLASS: Shelving, Cube Displays & Supplies
WIRE BASKETS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE EASELS: Display Stands, Sign Holders
WIRE HOOKS: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard
WIRE SHELVING: Slatwall, Gridwall or Pegboard

Alaska Display can outfit you with feather flags, outdoor or indoor banners, easels for large and small signage, custom banner stands and a variety of attention getting products.

Floor Easel:  "Presto" - Silver
For portable presentations, aluminum legs, metal heads; will hold up to 5 lbs. This unit folds to a 'brief case' size which is perfect for tradeshow displays.
**Diameter - 5 3/8"
**Open Height - 61.5"
**Closed Height - 14"
$49.95 each

Literature Rack:  Collapsible "Illusion"
A fast-folding rack with four front facing pockets. This unit may be pre-loaded and collapsed for easy transport.
Carry bag is included..
Available in Silver or Black
21" x 12" x 11"
Weight:  19 lbs.
$175.00 each

Literature Rack:  Modular "Victory"
This is a slim and attractive 5 front facing pocket unit.  This unit has a 'snap-together' design for easy installation.
Carry bag included.
Available in Silver
Holds 8.5" w x 11" h (.62" deep)
Shipping Dimensions:
31" x 17" x 5"
Weight:  11 lbs.
$175.00 each

Literature Rack:  Innovative 10 Pocket
Stylish and practical with a modular design which allows packing the unit into three separate parts for reduced shipping size.  Carrying bag included.
Available in Silver
Holds 8.5" w x 11" h (.62" deep)
Shipping Dimensions:
34" x 12"  x 9"

Signboard:  "A-Frame Synergy"
This double sided sign board accepts 23.25" w x 33" h graphics or posters. This unit is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Construction is of aluminum components.
$215.00 each 

Bulletin Sign Holder:  Flat Base
A popular, widely used metal floor standing bulletin sign holder.  Versatile for all types of business.
Chrome Only - Round Leg
Accepts: 14" w x 22" h card
Overall Height: 53" h
Flat Base: 10" x 14"
$69.95 each
Accepts: 22" w x 28" h card
Overall Height: 60" h
Flat Base: 10" x 14"
$89.95 each

Bulletin Sign Holder:  Rectangular Tubing Base
Option to the above bulletin sign holder, just as popular and widely used metal standing bulletin sign holder.
Accepts: 22" w x 28" h card
Overall Height:  56" h
Frame Base: 15" x 24" rectangular
#1700030 - Chrome
$94.95 each
#1700031 - Black
$94.95 each

Horizontal Card Frame: Top Loading
7" w x 5.5" h
$8.75 each

Sign Holder: Chrome Channel with 3/8" Tread/Fitting
Metal channel chrome sign/card holder for clear acrylic.  Available is several sizes.
Dimensions:  5.5" w x 7" h
#1701245 - $10.75 each
Dimensions:  7" w x 5.5" h
#1701246  - $10.75 each
Dimensions:  7" w x 11" h
#1701247 - $12.25 each
Dimensions:  11" w x 8.5" h
#1701248 - $15.50 each
Dimensions:  8.5" w x 11" h
#1701250 - $15.50 each

Sign Holder: Clamp Patented Magnetized - 3/8" Thread
Clamp will fasten securely to square and rectangular tubing.
$5.50 each

Adjustable Upright Stem for Sign Holders
Finish: Chrome
Dimensions: 5/8" 
Adjustable: 36" to 72"
$17.75 each

"Shovel' Base
(Shown with our 7" x 11" Card Frame)
Finish:  Chrome
Dimensions:  5" w x 5.5" d
$2.75 each

Canvas Print Rack

Black fabric folding print rack for artwork.Dimensions: 20" w x 6" d x 36" h

# 500 $84.95


A-Frame Outdoor Sign Holders

Black or White 


Floor Easel:  Heavy-Duty
Made of metal construction riveted for outstanding strength.  This easel comes fully assembled and folds flat for easy storage. Also, adjustable sign holders, rubber tipped legs.
**Height: 57.5"
**Weight: 4 lbs.
$59.95 each

Literature Rack:  Collapsible "zedup1"
This collapsible literature rack is a single unit with 6 pockets and packs away for easy transportation.
Silver only
Carry bag included.
16" x 12" x 9"
Weight: 20 lbs
$195.00 each

Literature Holder: "Freestanding"
This unit is a 20-pocket holder for 8.5" x 11" material. Also, may be used as a wallmount unit in addition to the 'freestanding' style.
20" w x 54" h with 3.25" deep pockets
#3300020 - Black
#3300021 - White
$87.95 each

"Contender" Carry Bag
This carry bag allows the unit protection and travels easily from one location to another.
See "Contender" Standard - Banner Stand below.

Banner Stand:  Retractable "Contender Standard"
This unit offers a strong construction combined with a sleek and ergonomic appearance.
Carrying bag included, as shown.
Graphic Size Dimensions: 
29.5" w x 77.5" h
Actual Unit Width: 29.5" w
$433.00  (reg, freight)

Poster Frame: "Snaps Open" Edge - Plain View Shown
Please view various sizes and formats below.

Poster Framing System: Tappa "Snap Edge"  
Snap open from the front for quick and easy graphic changes and comes with a clear protective lens. This system features a set of spring-loaded aluminum extrusions mounted to a high-impact polystyrene backer.
Comes in silver only.
Dimensions Available:
8.5" w x 11" h
$27.00 each
11" w x 14" h
$31.50 each
22" w x 28" h
$60.00 each
24" w x 30" h
$70.50 each
24" w x 36" h
$79.50 each
30" w x 40" h
$91.50 each

Cardholder: Magnetic Strip
The magnets strips are mounted on the back side; attaches firmly to most metal surfaces.
Includes (attached) two 1.5" x 5" magnetic strips per frame.
7" w x 5.5" h
In Stock: Red (shown) or Black
(#200 - special stock item)
$6.95 each

Clamp with 3/8" Swedge Fitting "C" Clamp
Finish:  Chrome
Length: 1.5"
Fits round, square and rectangular tubing and has swedged fitting for sign holder. The square end gives a secure fit on hangrails, racks so the sign does not rotate.  The round stems taper at the end to form a square.
$2.95 each

Round Base for Sign Holders
Finish: Chrome
5" diameter; 5/8" fit
$10.50 each
6" diameter; 5/8" fit
$14.25 each
8" diameter; 5/8" fit
$17.75 each
10" diameter, 5/8' fit
$23.95 each

"Lumina 1 - Power Spot
50 watt, low voltage spotlight with single 'goose neck' arm.  Mount standard with Universal Light Clamp Kit.
$89.00 each

4 Pocket Fabric Literature Rack:  
An easy to use roll-up mesh literature rack which assembles in seconds. This unit holds 8.5" w x 11"  h literature
Carry bag included.
Available in Black
8.5" w x 11" h
4-pocket unit
$95.00 each

8 Pocket Fabric Literature Rack: 
An easy to use roll-up mesh literature 8-pocket rack which assembles in seconds. Unit holds 8.5" x 11" h literature.
Carry bag included.
Available in Black
Dimensions: 8.5" w x 11" h

Banner Stand:  Retractable "Imagine"
View of the unit's single-sided cassette feature for storing the graphic unit. View full extended unit below.

Banner Stand:  Retractable "Imagine"
A premium, single-sided cassette banner with many attractive features: graphic tensioner, anti-slip strips along the base unit, integrated pole storage and a telescopic pole. 
EVA molded carrying/storage bag included.
Graphic Size Dimensions: 
31.5" w x 29.5" up to 83.35" h
$475.00  (reg. freight)

Observe Grand Sign Stand with Adjustable Literature Shelves
A sleek information center which includes a study base and adjustable shelf. This unit accepts 22" w x 28" h graphic size; single or double sided. Available in a silk black finish
$270.00 per unit

Signholder:  "Total Eclipse"
High-tech curved signholder with attractive curved lines.  Protective non-glare overlay for protection and clarity sign displays.  This unit comes in a matte black finish; this unit is shipped in a 'knock-down' unit; setup time of about two minutes and ready to use.
Overall Height: 66" h
Graphic size: 22" w x 28" h
Weight: 12 lbs.
$225.95 each

Sign Holder: 1/4" x 3/8" Thread/Fitting
Chrome finish sign holder which may be used with upright and base for counter or floor.  Can also be used with stem to attach to rack or merchandiser.
11" w x 7" h - Mitered Corners
$4.95 each
Special Order 
7" w x 5.25" h - Mitered Corners
$6.95 each

Sign Holder: 1/4" x 3/8" Thread/Fitting
Chrome finish sign holder which may be used with upright and base for counter or floor.  Can also be used with stem to attach to rack or merchandiser.
Dimensions: 7" x 11"
$3.95 each
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
$3.75 each

Metal Sign Holder
Dimensions:  7" h x 11" w
Mitered corners; may be mounted vertically or horizontally.
$5.50 each

Sign Holder Clamp
A metal clamp with thumbscrew insures a tight fit
4-1" square tubing 
3" length x 3/8" stem
$3.25 each

Threaded Stems
This stem is threaded at both ends and is used with all sign holders containing a 3/8" fitting.
Finish:  Chrome
Dimensions:  3/8" x 3"
$ .85 each
Dimensions:  3/8" x 6"
$1.25 each

Grid Card Holder
22" w x 7" h
Black Metal Frame
$11.95 each

Feather Flags
Great for interior or exterior promotions, available in four sizes.
Basic sale, grand opening, and cannibus leaf flags in stock in Anchorage or order a custom single or double sided flag with your own design.
Single Sided:
6'   Flag with 8'  Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $ 79.00 
7'   Flag with 8'  Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $ 89.00
10' Flag with 12' Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $110.00
12' Flag with 14' Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $135.00
Double Sided:
6'   Flag with 8'  Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $ 89.00
7'   Flag with 8'  Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $ 99.00
10' Flag with 12' Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $135.00
12' Flag with 14' Flag Pole and Ground Spike     $155.00
Other Accessories:
Flat Metal Base with Weighted Water Bag         $ 49.95
Carry Bag for Traveling                                 $ 15.95

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